Our Services4U

All Photos, Slides, Negatives, Stamps, Postcards to digital

Drop-off or send your photos, slides, negatives, stamps, or postcards to us to digitise for you. We have a secure Post Office Box.

Any kind of Film & Tape to digital

We can turn any film or tape, into a digital video file for you to easily watch, enjoy and preserve.

Cassette Tapes & any Audio tape to digital

We turn your cassette tapes or other audio formats into MP3 files for you to listen to anytime you want.

Any kind of document to digital

Your business, personal and historical documents, digitised for safe record keeping.


At Scan4U we cover all your scanning needs 

Photos, film, slides, negatives, tapes of any kind, business, personal and historical documents, artwork, and high quality photo restorations.

How does it work?

Send us your memories with safe delivery to our Post Box with Courier Post NZ.

We can travel to you if necessary, or you can travel to us. Either way we will look after your memories as if they're our own.

We do exceptional work & send your high quality files and precious originals to you as fast as we can.

We send your precious photos, files and media back to you, however you need or want them! In the format you request.