Minimum order $30.00

Loose Photos

Scanning photos to digital

$0.70 per photo

This applies to all photos that are not in any form of album or display.


Photos In Albums

Photos to digital

$1.30 per photo

If hand cropping is necessary, a further charge of $0.75 per photo will be charged. Contact us for more info.

Slides And Negatives

Slides and Negatives to Digital

$1.30 per 35mm slide.

$1.30 per negative.



Digitally restore your photos

We work hard to restore your photos. Restorations are dependent upon what needs to be done to restore your image. Please contact us to discuss your options.


VHS video to Digital

2 hour tape $40
3 hour tape $50
4 - 6 hour tape $60


Cassette Tape

$40 per cassette tape


Film to Digital

50ft (3inch/76mm) 3 – 4 min $29
100ft (4inch/102mm) 7-8 min $46
200ft (5inch/127mm) 14 – 16 min $63
300ft (6inch/152mm) 21 – 24 min $86
400ft (7 inch/175mm) 28 – 32 min $109
600ft (9 inch/207mm) 40 – 44 min $144

Prices are per reel and include GST.


Scan4U usb flash drives

8 GB Scan4U usb stick (incl. tin) $35
16 GB Scan4U usb stick (incl. tin) $35
32 GB Scan4U usb stick (incl. tin) $35
64 GB Scan4U usb stick (incl. tin) $50

extra $10 charge per USB/CD/DVD to copy your photos and files to it.

Backups & Cloud storage

We can make safe and private backups of your files. Talk to us to discuss your options.

Make an enquiry

Or give us a call on  021546811 to discuss your options.