How to get the maximum benefit out of scanning photos, slides and negatives.

1. Cull all photos that are not necessary to scan. 
This saves cost and it is often easier to cull before scanning then after.


2. Loose photos or albums
If you can remove photos from albums so they are loose it is cheaper. However, if you want the albums later you have to put the photos back in. With older albums that have corners, removal inevitably unsticks the corner so it is difficult to replace. Then there are those albums with adhesive on them and plastic. Photos often will not come off from the page and have to be scanned in place.

The difference in price is loose photos are $0.70 to scan and an albums $1.30 each.

The photos in albums, we try to take them out but sometimes this is not possible, so need to be scanned in situ and cropped. If we then have to crop it is another $0.75 per image as each image has to be individually cropped. Cropping is your choice. 


3. Categories or groups
Sort your loose photos into groups or categories. We then make a separate folder for each category which makes them easy for you to find. From Scan4U’s perspective it is irrelevant how many categories you have as creating folders is a very simple task, but from your perspective been able to easily find particular image is great. There is no cost for this service.

Albums are identified by the album so if you’re scanning albums please name them so you don’t get the blue album, red album etc. Of course, you can rename them later but it is easier to do so while scanning. We can put parts of an album in different folders according to topic but they are scanned as pages if you don’t want them cropped. We recommend cropping as then photos can be dealt with on an individual basis.


4. Detail on the back.
So many people tell us they have photos but don’t know who in them. This is particularly the case with estates. Scan4U advises you to write on the back as much information as you can either recall or fit on the back of the photo. Our scanners will automatically scan it and put it beside the photo as the next scan. Unlike most scanning businesses we don’t charge for this service.

If you have a lot of information then write it on an A4 piece of paper, tag it to a specific photo and they will pop up beside the photo. Simple and it’s done for the cost of the scan but all that information safe ever.

Modern software will let you tag pictures later on and may be of interest to the younger more tech savvy types.


5. Colour casts
Photos that have not aged well by developing an ugly red or blue cast etc. can be restored to their original look, or very close to it during the scanning process. Again, no charge applies for this.

We can lighten the dark parts of a picture, move someone out of a photo or change their position, even totally replace the background. No longer does as the old adage apply the photo never lies, your imagination is the limit.


6. Damaged photos 
Damaged or wrinkle photos can be scanned and restored. This incurs the original scanning fee and restoration at $75 per hour plus GST. Before we begin, we are happy to provide an estimate.

Faded photos can be restored so long as we can get an idea of the original colours. We can also colourise, using software, black and white photos.


7. Resizing a photo 
During the scanning process we can resize a photo. If you have, say a passport size photo we can make it a certain size with no loss of resolution. This has to happen during the scanning process so you need to tell us before we begin. The desired size is usually not the issue for us and if the photo is unsuitable to resize, we will tell you.

If you want to resize all your slides to say 4 x 6 there will be a fee as it takes time.


8. Scanning at a higher resolution
Scanning at a higher resolution is often asked for. The only reason to do so is if you want a big file to enlarge the print. For archive 300 PPI is fine. For printing 600 PPI is great. The time differential is zero scan at 600 PPI unless asked for something different.  


9. Cleaning photos 
While we clean slides and negatives, we use ‘Digital Ice’ to remove this. The result is usually like when the shop was originally snapped.


10. Framed Pictures
Some people want to scan their entire collection including photos and frames on the wall. We remove the photos, scan them, clean the glass and put photo back in so you will not know we have taken the photo out apart from the fact that looks a lot better with clean glass.


11. The benefits of scanning
It allows you to share your life story with the next generation and friends. This can be done by individual photos or as many clients have done, give each family member a branded memory stick containing all the photos.

Images will no longer deteriorate.

They are very accessible. We can even provide you with an index based on how you name them so that you can find them even quicker. There is a small fee for creating an index. 

There much more convenient to store if you’re downsizing.

We can put your photos on a branded USB so you won’t overwrite them. See below.