Every picture is a story

Our photo scanning services help you preserve those stories, relive the memories, and share them with your children and grandchildren 


Don’t leave your treasured memories fading away in dusty boxes… 

We all have them, photos taken before the day and age of digital cameras and computers. The photos we stuck in albums, the slides we had to get a projector out to look at, the loose photos we got sent in an envelope together with a handwritten letter. 

Where are they now? 

In dusty cardboard boxes in the attic, getting damp in the garage, sitting in the bottom of the closet starting to fade and deteriorate? 

Truth is, in the format they’re in, all these treasured photos, stories and memories are just not easily accessible to us and our loved ones anymore. 

Why scan them? 

Digital photos are a great way to preserve all your images – digital photos don’t fade or deteriorate

  • It’s easy to share digital photos with family and friends around the country or around the world – simply attach them to an email

  • Maybe you’re downsizing and don’t have room for boxes of photos and bulky albums anymore – even a million photos take up almost no room in digital form

Restoration and Organisation

  • We organise your photos as we scan them, meaning you will have a clear structure and know exactly where to look for a particular photo

  • With our expertise and state-of-the-art technology and programs, we can restore even the most faded, scratched or damaged images to their former glory


Why choose us?

Because we understand the value of a lifetime of personal memories and treat your photographs with the utmost care and respect 



Every photo is different, some might be faded, others scratched, perhaps some have water damage or were folded… With our wealth of experience, we know exactly what we can do to bring out the best in each and every photograph! 



Our scanners are state-of-the-art, in fact they aren’t even readily available in New Zealand yet. But we want the best for our clients and only use high-end technology and sophisticated programs to achieve superb quality while keeping the costs low! 



We understand the sentimental value attached to photographs, no matter whether they are recent or have been handed down through generations. We take great pride in our work and handle every photo with care and respect! 

I had some old pictures enhanced for my parents, it was amazing how wonderful they came out. My mother was very happy with the picture of herself and her brother from when she was a toddler. Made a lovely Christmas present.
— Barbara Kotua, Nelson
Scan4U scanned some photos for me and the results were sharp, clear and delivered on time.  I was impressed by their service and would not hesitate to use them again.
— Struan Bennett, Nelson
Having Michael & Roxy scan and put over 2000 slides and nearly 3000 photos plus other letters and information on to a memory stick, at a very reasonable rate gives family access to important history. I would recommend that you make use of this couple to store your treasures for future viewing.
— John Harwood QSM, Nelson
Scan4U scanned a large number of slides and negatives for me with excellent results. The colours were true with all dust and marks removed. I thoroughly recommend Scan4U as their service is timely and cost effective.
— Debbie Edwards, Nelson