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"Thank you so much for the excellent job of scanning these precious family photos. They are now preserved for posterity. My brothers will be so happy to receive their little silver box. Thank you sincerely."

  • Rachel Ryan
  • Nelson

I have used Scan4U for 3 separate pieces of work now - a fantastic service, exceptional quality and attention to detail that is second to none. Thank you!

  • Rose & Luna
  • Nelson

“I had some old pictures enhanced for my parents, it was amazing how wonderful they came out. My mother was very happy with the picture of herself and her brother from when she was a toddler. Made a lovely Christmas present.”

  • Barbara Kotua
  • Nelson

“Having Michael & Roxy scan and put over 2000 slides and nearly 3000 photos plus other letters and information on to a memory stick, at a very reasonable rate gives family access to important history. I would recommend that you make use of this couple to store your treasures for future viewing.”

  • John Harwood
  • Nelson

“Scan4U scanned a large number of slides and negatives for me with excellent results. The colours were true with all dust and marks removed. I thoroughly recommend Scan4U as their service is timely and cost effective.”

  • Debbie Edwards
  • Nelson

“Wonderful way to preserve family history. Restorative abilities as well as providing a digital legacy with a data stick for family memories. Especially helpful for larger families. Scan4u is a New Zealand owned business and their attention to detail is quite remarkable. I personally have witnessed their restoration process of cherished family photos, and the ability to share with extended loved ones is priceless. Next time you think “must scan those photo’s” consider out-sourcing to Scan4U. They will save you a lot of stress and time. And are trust-worthy. They honor and value the process and respect the family treasures as many of these photos once gone [deteriorated, eroded or touched by dreaded mold] will be lost. Their scanning services invests and secures memories and creates a digital platform for families to build from.”

  • Paula Wicks
  • Auckland

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